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3D Street Painting

How it works


When he starts a new project, Manfred Stader is on site and demonstrates his art in front of an audience and the press. In many cases, a reference to the client's product or the theme of the given event gets incorporated into the art. If the project involves a press conference, Manfred is always happy to join in. From its initial drafts to full completion, a typical project usually takes around four to eight days, depending, naturally, on the size and complexity of the painting.


First, the client should send his ideas, concepts or creative brief, if available, to the artist together with materials such as photos of his product, logos, texts etc. Then the first ideas of the project can be discussed in a telephone conference. If the parties agree on a concept, Stader receives the order to create one or more designs, with the proviso that small change requests are included (free of charge).
This is generally done digitally, the drafts are designed and mounted into a picture (provided by the client), which shows the environment of the possible location. Ideally, the photograph is taken from the exact viewpoint from which the 3D effect will work. The resultant drafts will be electronically transmitted for the customer's consideration. Then the client or the agency usually initiate a contract for the production of the image.


There are two options in how the projects are actually executed: The images can be painted directly onto the asphalt or on a prepared canvas. For very large projects, such as "Smart" or "Rexona", more street painters are brought in. This is also done if several project should be executed simultaneously at different locations.


If the image is to be painted directly onto the asphalt, the following conditions are required:
+ Concrete or asphalt are not too rough and not too smooth, which makes them suitable for pastel chalk (a close-up photo of the surface can often tell).
+ Sidewalk slabs or pavement such as marble, granite or similar are usually too smooth, such a surface gets prepared with a water soluble substance which can take a whole day to dry.
+ The surface must be clean and dry
+ Under unstable weather conditions, a tent or pavilion is needed to protect the painting from rain if the event takes place outdoors.
+ The picture should be guarded over night.

PVC flooring:

The back side of PVC flooring gets painted with acrylic paints. These paints last very long if people are interacting with the piece and are 100 % waterproof.


A specially primed canvas is the foundation. It is always prepared in Manfred Stader's studios to the point to ensure that the image will be finished within the time frame of the event. This way it is possible to even produce a very complex work and present it on site even if there is only one working day scheduled for the event. Almost all of his projects are presented on canvas which is usually in the possession of the client and is afterwards often placed somewhere within the client's company building where it gets installed permanently. The canvas gets fixed to the ground with doublestick tape and it gets faded into the asphalt so it is hardly visible that the work is done on a mobile screen. The advantages over the execution directly on the asphalt are:

+ The viewer gets color impression of the project from the first day on.
+ Any surface is suitable - even cobblestones can be "painted" on.
+ The picture is mobile and can be removed if it rains, and it needs no guard, since it is stored overnight in a safe place.
+ A very complex work can be presented even if the event only lasts a short time.



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