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Manfred Stader is a street artist who specializes in the popular 3D street art.

3D street art, also called anamorphic art or one-point perspective art is a very old technique which enables the artist to create a fantastic illusion of plasticity when you view their paintings from a specific angle. It is very entertaining both for the passers-by, who can pose with the painting in quite creative ways and make pictures, and for users of the internet, where pictures of 3D street art enjoy quite a popularity.


Street painters, performance artists who create their works of art directly onto the pavement in front of curious on-lookers, have a long tradition and have been called many names through the centuries. In 16th century Italy, they were called I Madonnari, because they very often portrayed the madonna. Today, street artists can win a prestigious title Master Madonnaro, just like Manfred Stader did already in 1985.

He creates stunning and fun paintings that turn people’s heads for company presentations, fairs, institutions, art festivals and many other occasions – and invite people’s creativity in turn, having them interact with his optic illusions.

There is quite a bit of geometry behind the illusions; if you look at some of the pictures in the gallery, you will see how different the paintings look from any other than the intended perspective.
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